How To Get Out of the Friend Zone In 4 Simple Steps

Getting out of the friend zone can seem impossible at the moment, but it is possible. In order to help yourself get out of the friend zone, you need to change what you’re doing and start following a winning strategy now. If you avoid the mistakes most men make and lay a solid foundation, getting out of the friend zone can be easy.

Step 1: Be Cool and Accept Your Status As A Friend

If you find yourself in the friend zone, then the biggest mistake you could make is to resist or resent your status as a friend. You may be disappointed, but if you got put in the friend zone, then the best strategy is to be cool and accept your status as a friend.

When you graciously accept your status as a friend, you send the message that you are confident in your ability to attract the women you want. On the other hand, when you get upset, angry or “punish” her in some way, you send the message that you think you’re not good enough for her and lack confidence.

Getting too focused on a girl who isn’t clearly returning signs she likes you is a surefire way to creep her out. Hollywood might portray otherwise, but movies/TV are not real life.

Step 2: Don’t take it personally at all!

Also, you don’t really know the reasons why a girl puts you in the friend zone. It’s easy to take being put in the friend zone personally, but it’s much more common for a girl to put you in the friend zone or see you as just a friend because of issues that have nothing to do with you.

You might have been put in the friend zone because she’s dealing with her own emotional issues, baggage or past relationship issues. You just don’t know.
In fact, there are even some cases where being in the friend zone might actually be a good thing. Hard to believe, but the grass isn’t always greener after you change your status as a friend to being her lover.

Step 3: Get on an equal level with her

The next step to getting out of the friend zone is to stop fixating and chasing her. When a girl puts you in the friend zone, it could very well be a temporary thing.
So instead of pursuing her harder (which is what most men do and comes off as creepy), you need to back off and start looking for other people. This is especially true if she’s also looking for other people to date.

It’s a funny thing about female psychology, but when a woman sees that other women are interested in you, she’ll subconsciously be more attracted to you as well.
Once you have a few other options who want to date you, start flirting with your female friend. Even if she originally put you in the friend zone, this time she’ll know that you have options and that you won’t freak out or punish her if she refuses your advances, so it’s far more likely that she’ll be receptive towards your flirtation. Women are highly competitive when it comes to in-demand men, so chances are she’d be happy to be with a guy who other women are trying to get.

Step 4: Make your move

So you’ve set the foundation for getting out of the friend zone, it’s time to make your move. If you’ve been cool with your situation so far and you have clear options, then start spending time with her and flirting.

There’s a magical moment with any girl called the do-or-die moment – this is the moment where internally you think, “I should kiss her now.” If that moment presents itself, go for it! Your instincts have an intelligence far greater than you know – trust them and you’ll be fine.

Even if she still refuses after you did everything right, you’re still way better off than when you started. You have other girls you can date and you have a female friend – having a female friend can actually be a great thing as long as you’re cool with her and appreciate her for who she is (even if you’re not hooking up). Plus, you never know when she might come around after she starts fearing that she might have missed out on you.

This is a winning strategy that tons of men have used successfully – some have even ended up marrying the girl who was once just a friend!