Best Destinations To Find The Hottest Escorts

If you are looking to spice up your holiday with a sensual and steamy tryst with an experienced escort, there are certain places you need to visit! From the Thailand to Nevada, there are numerous luxurious travel destination options for the discerning gentlemen. Here are the top destinations for finding exquisite and skilled escorts.

Nevada, USA

Home of Sin City, Las Vegas this is the perfect destination to find a beautiful escort. In Vegas, the moment you step foot on the strip you will be inundated with opportunities to meet the most beautiful women in the world. Why not take advantage of the wide selection of gorgeous women as well as the wide range of entertainment? Two hours outside of Las Vegas in Nye County, there are also licensed brothels where the women are tested monthly for sexually transmitted diseases and the conditions are regulated by the state. In Carson City Nevada, a capital city in western Nevada, you will also find several ‘ranches’ where you can find escorts. There is absolutely no need to go without a woman in Nevada. From independent escorts to licensed brothels, your dream girl is waiting for you in Nevada! Viva Las Vegas!

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the first places to come to mind when people think of sex. Many bars will hire “bargirls.” These girls work as barmaids or dancers and are often dressed provocatively. These lovely ladies are usually available to be taken elsewhere for a “bar fee” which you can easily pay at the bar. After paying the “bar fee” you can negotiate your fee with the girl personally. These girls are employees of the bar and are usually more reliable and safer than independent escorts as they are accountable to the bar they work at and unlikely to cause any trouble such as stealing or charging excessive prices. When you look for independent escorts in Thailand, it’s important to be careful and wary of petty crime. However, most ladies and locals are friendly. You can find some truly stunning women in Thailand.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Obviously this list would not be complete without including Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the most well known destinations for sin and debauchery. It has a large Red Light District where there are over 100 licensed brothels catering to any need or desire. Sex work, among other things, is legal in Amsterdam and it is also regulated. Sex workers can literally be found in windows are you wander down the street so you can see the luscious ladies before you commit to anything. Everyone knows about the live shows and experienced escorts of Amsterdam, so why not discover the beauty yourself? If you haven’t been to Amsterdam before, you may find you have the time of your life.

Melbourne, Australia

Escort agencies and brothels are legal in Melbourne and there are over 100 licensed brothels as well numerous sex businesses operating in the city. There are many beautiful and skilled women in Melbourne, a woman for every taste or desire. Australian women are easy going and love to have fun, if you are looking for an encounter with a laid back and fun-loving woman, Aussie women are perfect for you.